“Because we understand the importance of prevention and security in real time”


Security experts and peers that I know have agreed that Private Security are consistently being given more responsibilities and are facing more sophisticated threats than ever before. I agree with Patrick Kane who states “training and personal development must keep pace with these developments if the Security departments are to effectively protect these organizations” We at Castle Security Services combine various training methodologies which includes some military methods and years of practical scenario methods to achieve our goals.


All new recruits undergo rigorous training by Senior Officers in all areas of security, in order to provide exceptional individuals who will be able to address all the client’s security needs. Our people are valued and supported through proactive management of our security programs and an open communication policy. Staff development is a crucial part of our success and this is indicated through our commitment to on-going training of all staff at all levels.

Our Training methods include:









    • Basic security training                           • Firearm Training                                    • Krav Maga








• One on one control tactics                      • Hand to hand combat                       • Knife and gun combat









   • Baton skills, Weapon                           • Personal protection                            • Dealing with fear and

               retention                                                                                                                anxiety








       Surveillance, Defenses                      • Defenses against                         • Combat readiness lifestyle.

  against edged weapon attack                   multiple attackers

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