“Because we understand the importance of prevention and security in real time”


With a strong focus on quality outcomes, we guarantee to provide a constant superior service to our clients, responding to their needs and providing solutions is only a small part of what we achieve.

Protection Officers:

At Castle Security we offer a wide range of efficient and professional manned security services including Stationary Guards (Firearm and Baton Officers), K9 Officers, Sentry/Front Desk Security and Mobile Patrols.

Personal Protection Officers:

Our personal protection officers are highly trained and specifically selected for the task at hand of offering personal protection to diplomats, government officials and family members

Cash In Transit:

Our Cash in Transit service provides secure and reliable transportation of funds to and from any location including banks, businesses and personal transport.

Courier Services:

We deliver all types of packages. Including messages, money and mail. All packages are secure and delivered on a timely basis. Packages can also be tracked up until delivery.

Special Event Security:

We provide security for different sized events and ensure that all events are well monitored while maintaining a high level of professionalism

Vehicle/GPS tracking:

We provide a range of GPS services including Real Time Monitoring & Historical Data, Geo-fence & Routing Tools, Comprehensive Reporting, Alerts and Notifications.

CCTV monitoring/ Access Control & Alarms:

At Castle Security we offer a wide range of electronic devices to protect your home and your loved ones on a daily basis. The services we offer are Access Control, a 24 hour Central Monitoring station to lend complement to our Burglary Alarms installation, Gate and Motor installments and CCTV Camera Systems.

Consultancy services/Crisis mitigation (risk assessment):

As your consultants for security and risk management, you will benefit from our experience in physical security, security management, security guard force management and awareness programs. Our services take the form of Assessments, advice, project management, audits and documentation.

Prison Transport:

This division provides service to the Court by transporting inmates to and from the Prisons, Institutions and Detention Centers in Guyana.

Investigations: Some of our services are: Fraud, Internal Theft Investigations, Investigations, Burglary and/or Robbery Investigation, Surveillance, Missing Persons Investigations, Child Custody Investigations and Domestic Relationships Investigations.

Time and attendance services:

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