“Because we understand the importance of prevention and security in real time”

CCTV Systems

At Castle security services we offer a wide range of electronic devices to protect your home and your loved ones on a daily basis. The services we offer are access control, a 24 hour Central Monitoring station to lend complement to our Burglary alarms installation, gate and motor instalments and CCTV Camera Systems.


CCTV – Closed Circuit Television: has become one of the most prominent and requested services by many. We provide a wide range of Cameras to ensure there are proper viewing by those who use the equipment but also to ensure 100% guaranteed surveillance.


Camera packages for any type of family and business. We will meet the needs of all interested parties.

Access Control

Access Control has become a very popular commodity in any business and residential area alike, by the simple use of a keypad, swipe cards, proximity card readers and Bio Metric systems It shows we are not only looking for security but also a peace of mind.


Our job at fortress is to provide you with the best services as possible:

Burglary Alarm Service

At Castle Security services our main objective is to ensure all commercial business and residence are secured and equipped with alarm devices not only to protect the home from vandalism but to alarm perpetrators they are not welcome.













Our burglary alarm services entails:


 A hard wired system : this comes with a control panel, along with motion sensors for the various areas of the home, contacts which is used to secure the windows and door in any premises. This system is used to alert a client that someone has attempted to break in. this information can be received via email, a 24hr central Monitoring station and SMS Messaging. The wireless system has the same attribute however this system has the use of the sim-card.










 Fire Alarms: can also be attached to the alarms panel with the use of smoke detectors in the home. This alarm is used to alert employees, and home owners there is a fire on the premises. The fire alarm sends off a signal which can activate a sprinkler to prevent loss of lives and property damage. This fire alarm is essential to all.

Automated Gates and Doors

We take protection a bit further with residential and commercial Automatic gates they are not only effective, but it gives a persons a wider sense of security.


In the end Castle Security Services Limited will continue to provide the best service around.

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